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Terms & Conditions

for students of RSP

  • When a student commences a course they are expected to complete that course as stipulated by the academy. RSP shall not be liable to refund the fees to any student(s) in whole or part thereof, under any circumstances. This is a standard no refund policy applicable to all students of RSP. Fees once paid are not returnable/refundable or transferable.

  • However, in cases where a student is unable to join/complete a course due to exceptional circumstances and wishes to withdraw from the program, the request will be considered only after carefully reviewing the entire situation. The academy may also order an inquiry to understand the gravity of the situation.  The academy’s decision will be final in such cases.

  • [An exceptional circumstance could be a serious accident, injury, or critical illness requiring long-term medical care or any grave situation where it becomes difficult for the student to attend the course.]

  • **In case when refund of fees is acceptable only 1/3 of the amount will be refunded.

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